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December 1, 2004

Hyscience Joins Spirit of America's Blogger Challenge

Topics: National News

Hyscience is proud to announce that it has joined the Spirit of America's "Friends of Iraq" Blogger Challenge. All donations to The Spirit of America's Blogger Challenge through Hyscience go to the "Marines Request Fund." There is no minimum donation.

The Marines Request Fund is used to meet requests received from, and needs identified by, U.S. Marines for assisting the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Our support of the 1st Marine Division in Iraq led Major General Jim Mattis to say, "The initiative and focused support provided by Spirit of America is beyond anything we have experienced. In an imperfect world with our Sailors and Marines going in harm's way, your gifts will reduce adversarial relationships and bridge cultural gaps. You have significantly impacted our ability to do good and, I fervently hope reduce the potential for combat. Please accept my thanks for your selfless commitment to bringing peace to Iraq."

To support requests from Marines Spirit of America has provided:
• Production and broadcasting equipment to Iraqi television stations.
• Training in broadcast journalism and video editing  training for Iraqi TV station personnel.
• Sandals for Iraqi children.
Sewing machines for women's sewing centers in Iraq.
Tools for Iraqi tradesmen who successfully graduate a Marine sponsored training program.
Medical supplies, school supplies, Frisbees and soccer balls.

100% of your donation to this fund will be applied towards the direct expenses of requests received from, and needs identified by, U.S. Marines serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. No costs for overhead or fundraising are deducted.

Hyscience believes that the work that the Spirit of America has undertaken is critical to the future of Iraq and we strongly encourage you to give generously. We invite you and your friends to participate with us in this important project.  Semper Fi from the resident Marine at Hyscience.

Posted by Hyscience at December 1, 2004 12:01 AM

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