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December 2004

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December 31, 2004

Dutch spy chief says warnings of militancy ignored
Iraqi PM warns neighbors on insurgency
Troops sound pipe of peace for Basra tribes
The ocean tried to warn us, but we just didn't get it
U.S. Boosts Tsunami Aid Tenfold to $350M
Potential Deadly Side-effects of Prozac: Medical journal turns missing murder case documents over to FDA
Satellite Images of Tsunami Affected Regions
Chickens in Vietnam's northern region die of bird flu
T'land: Four Thousand Bodies Found In Phangna Alone
Huge response to tsunami appeal
The earth shook, the sea rose up and there was death on a biblical scale
US Navy, Marines swing into action
Memorable images: Remembering 2004
Iraq: Terror groups call voting un-Islamic
Dog genome boosts cancer research
Swindlers take advantage of the disaster
'Clusters' of earthquakes yield an ominous scenario

December 30, 2004

New theory on Stonehenge mystery
100,000 troops to police election
Indonesia Needs Help, Death Toll Expected To Exceed 400,000
Timeline for devastating Asian tidal waves
Election ramp-up continues unabated amidst violence - Zarqawi aide arrested
Car bomb work of Iranian intelligence": Najaf chief of police
Ocean disaster toll hits 114,000
On bin Laden - Poster Boy For Reform
Earthquake/Tsunami: How to Help [Updated 12/30]
The Kurds vote is not to vote
Iraq to dissolve National Guard
Tsunami Miracle Baby Found Floating On Mattress

December 29, 2004

PUNE, India update: Doctors & Volunteers for Tsunami Relief
Southeast Asia Tsunami - Economic repercussion awaited
Southeast Asia Tsunami Emergency Information - Update on Flickr Missing Persons group page
Quake's power = million atomic bombs?
Forensic experts in race against time, call for help
Tsunami Aid and Assistance Update
60km from epicentre, a city lies in ruins
Where are the children? A generation of young Asians lost in an epic disaster
UN: Costliest disaster ever!
Flooding & Communicable Diseases Fact Sheet Risk Assessment - WHO: Children most at risk from disease-UNICEF
Families were swimming and playing: then the holiday ended: Horror scene at quake's center
Iraq insurgents ramp up violence
Tsunami Leaves Up to 5 Mln Needing Urgent Help -UN
US gives $26m to Palestinian Authority: What ever happened to performance first?
Toll rises to more than 68,000: Expected to top 100,000
'Ghost' jet used to ferry suspects to torture sites
Suit: Children's Motrin has side effects

December 28, 2004

UN Official Backs Down: Rich Nations Not 'Stingy'
Earth orbit rattled, map changed
UN didn't stop Saddam from smuggling oil
Tsunami toll predicted to pass 60,000
We hate Jews and "No thanks We'd rather die"
The U.S. knew about the tsunami - Aljazeera
Rebel blitz on Iraq police posts
Confessions of a bi-polar taxi driver
Richard Branson To Launch Virgin Galactic With Five SpaceShipTwo Fleet
A brief perspective of the on-line interest in human tragedy
Poetic Justice - Terrorist Blows Himself Up Trying to Make a Bomb
On Coming to Terms: Militant Islam or Radical Islam?

December 27, 2004

The IDers Rear Their Heads Again
On "The desperate search, the intolerable grief" Are other tragedies waiting to happen?
Bin Laden calls for Iraqi vote boycott- Audiotape
Tsunami Death Toll Continues To Rise
China threatens to 'crush' Taiwan
Suicide bomber kills 9, injures 39 in Iraq
Poll shows troops in support of war
How the shape of ocean floors can affect speed and height of tsunami

December 26, 2004

Web video teaches terrorists to make bomb vest
Detailed Pregnancy timeline keyed to events and baby's condition
Suicide Attack on U.S. Forces May Have Been Due to Lax Iraqi Security Personnel Combined with Iraqi Military Accomplice (latest video link here)
Huge Earthquake Kills Thousands
Al-Zarqawi militants' held in Iraq
Runnerup in Liar of the Month Club: New York Times Omits Major Reason Christians are Leaving Bethlehem

December 25, 2004

COX-2 Inhibitors: A CLASS Act or Just VIGORously Promoted
Mosul attack 'an inside job'
Previous "Liar of the Month Awardee" can expect renomination
University of Houston MSA: "Hiring disbelieving men and women is very dangerous for the Muslims"
Pope delivers sombre message
Thousands celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem

December 24, 2004

Animals beheaded humans again
Merry Christmas From Kurdistan: Beware of Terrorist Santas
Light of Christmas Love

December 23, 2004

Evidence suggests that changes in the bacteria and fungi in the gastrointestinal tract can intensify the immune system's reaction to common allergens
US forces remove a Kurdistan flag in Kirkuk - Kurdistani Blogger Asks If US Policy Is Anti-Kurdistan.
Man ecstatic over Christmas retail season
Three Marines killed in Fallujah
Suicide Bomber Wearing Iraqi Soldier Uniform
Home Sweet Home: Syria, Sadaam Loyalists and Terrorists.
Yuschenko's Disease: Medblogger suggests a tale of two poisons.
Infection link to heart attacks
Syria Housing Saddam Loyalists
U.S. Re-Examines Security at Iraq Bases

December 22, 2004

Man in Japan infected with avian influenza; 4 others likely infected
Will Christian Resistance Rally in the War on Christmas?
Early research - taxanes for Alzheimer's?
Naproxen in the firing line!
Sightings of "Newborn" Galaxies Reveal a Fecund Universe
Do the Palestinians Deserve More Aid? Why should they be paid to drive Israel into the sea?
Islamophobia spreading far and wide
No invite for Jesus to Malaysian Christmas
Confirmed: Mosul Blast Was Suicide Attack
Analysis: Russia's mixed signals
US troops sweep Mosul after blast - Signs of Suicide Bomber Connection.
Dan Darling's Special Analysis: A Window Into al-Qaeda
Deadly blast prompts Mosul curfew
In Grateful Memory of Lance Corporal Kyle Renehan, USMC
Some 100 U.S. Troops In Iraq Affected With Pneumonia

December 21, 2004

Merry Christmas Christians. Ha'aretz (Israel): Archaeologists said to have found site of Jesus' first miracle
Asia Times: Khan's nuclear ghost continues to haunt
Increasing Orgasm and Decreasing Dyspareunia by a Manual Physical Therapy Technique
Cowboy and Indians
Osama - The Man Behind The Tapes
On the Mosul attack on U.S. base and Ansar al-Sunnah Army - Running Updates
UN says "Bethlehem is isolated town" and it's Israel's fault.
Tehran Accuses Israel after FBI Catches Iranian Surveillance Teams Red-handed
On "A View from the eye of the storm"
NEJM early release correspondence regarding valdecoxib (Bextra)
Under Iran's 'divinely ordained justice', girls as young as nine are charged with 'moral crimes'. The best that they can hope for is to die by hanging

December 20, 2004

A Kurdish Blogger's View of the Iraqi Elections
A Christmas without celebrations or Christians
Iraq the Model, Is this his last post?
Good News From Iraq
Iraq rounds up 51 suspects
Genaissance Identifies Genetic Markers Implicated In Fatal Side Effects Of Schizophrenia Drug
Study shows that stem cells use inflammatory signals to find injured tissue
Iraq Shia leaders appeal for calm
Blogger California Yankee Suffers House Fire
Goodbye Christmas?
Study models impact of anthrax vaccine

December 19, 2004

44% in U.S. say restrict Muslims' civil liberties: Cornell poll
A light blogging day tour of quick reads
Theo van Gogh's "How Come"- post 9/11 warning about political correctness.
China rules on religion 'relaxed'
Iraqi bombers target Shia cities
Afghan warlord assets are frozen
Sikhs storm theatre over play
Cardiovascular risk and COX-2 inhibition in rheumatological practice.

December 18, 2004

Foreigners killed in Mosul ambush
Say hello to Jesus, please
Cost of Freedom - Priceless!
The Islamic Hijab - Religious Expression or Political Prop?
Immigration Reform and the war on terror
Hero in Fallujah: Marine Laid Himself on Top of Grenade to Save Rest of Squad

December 17, 2004

Islamist group claims killing of two US intelligence agents
US labels Hezbollah TV station as "terrorist organization"
$20 for defence base photos
NARAL: Scalia Nomination For Chief Justice Must Be Stopped
The Kyoto Protocol is Dead
The Groningen Protocol: Death by Committee
Effect of democracy on health: ecological study
Chemistry body restores long-lost meat to the Christmas Mince Pie
Antarctic penguins starve behind massive iceberg
Church (in Australia) found to have vilified Muslims
'Nano-needle' operates on cell
Saddam loyalists directing rebels from Syria: US

December 16, 2004

Major step forwards for vaccine against cervical cancer
FDA Approvals: Omacor, Nuflexxa, Combunox, and Others
Discovery of Heavy Metals in Ayurvedic Products Spurs Controversy
Islamic mufti in Copenhagen sparks outcry by saying "Women who refuse to wear headscarves are asking for rape."
Bush warns Iran and Syria on Iraq
France closes down Al-Manar TV channel - what comes next?
On "Corruption At The United Nations"
Islam Review: ISNA: The Islamic Society of North America :"Solid base of Islam is in place - now it's time to start building the infrastructure"
Kadhafi: Turkey will be Islamic Trojan horse in EU
Alleged Bin Laden Tape Praises Attack
"All Intifada, All the Time"
Federal Judge Rules For Nativity Display
Is Democracy Stirring In The Arab World?
Shi'ites Bombed as Iraq Poll Campaign Begins

December 15, 2004

Who let the dogs out?
On "Some truthful history," and the truth about the lie of Palestinian real estate.
In Memory Of Specialist David Mahlenbrock
Iraq Accuses Iran, Syria of Backing Terror - As for Iran, it's time for the U.S. to get tough
A Quick Look At News - Blogging Later Today
War on Terror - The Issues, Part I

December 14, 2004

Christmas Gift Suggestion For Scott Peterson Fans
Saddam jail named for first time
Broken Borders Broken Policies
A Christian in an Islamic World - What is it Like?
On the Road to Becoming a Real Nation - Abbas: Using Arms in Intifada was Mistake, 'Has Got to Stop'
Taliban security chief held
Sharon ally calls Arabs 'worms'
Impact of plasmacytoid dendritic cells on outcome after reduced-intensity conditioning allogeneic stem cell transplantation

December 13, 2004

Democrats Offended By Bush Photo
Iran Developing A Missile That Could Strike East Coast Of United States
Attack bigger than 9/11 planned
Top Ten Reasons Why This Weekend's Yushchenko Diagnosis is a Fraud
Yuschenko and Dioxin - yes, no, maybe, who knows?
Al-Qaeda 'plans attack on sea route' to hit global trade
Cellphone sniffs out dirty bombs
On Moore's Article About A Proposed "Religious Hatred" Bill(in the UK) And His Right To Call Mohammed A Pedophile - Why We Should Pay Attention To The Muslim Reaction
Quick Tour of the MSM:
Seven Marines killed in Iraq battles

December 12, 2004

US warplanes strike Fallujah - Again
What are dioxins? Why the concern?
A Marine company and a month in Fallujah
Is it only Mr Bean who resists this new religious intolerance?
New Ansar al Sunnah & Islamic Army in Iraq Videos Released
It's An Ill Wind Redux
Is France trying to control Islam?

December 11, 2004

U.S. Pro-life Provision Becomes Law
It's about Christmas Time
Ukraine candidate 'was poisoned'
On "Portable Hospitals In A Time Of War"
A Tribute To A Fallen Warrior
Older News That's Must-Read News

December 10, 2004

U.S. Central Command has added armor to 22,000 of its 30,000 fleet
Coalition of Shias in poll position
Lipitor Patent to be Reexamined at PUBPAT'S Request
Hopes for Mideast Peace Breakthrough High
Yushchenko in hospital for new tests
Who's to blame from British troop deaths in Iraq?
Bextra to have new warnings, says FDA
On Islamic Men, Madrassas, Little Boys, Open Secrets, and Terrorism
On A Separate Immigration Reform Bill And Other Rants
Poll: Decrease in Palestinian support of terror
Taliban contact US on amnesty proposal
A Season Of Hope - Happy Chanukah, and God bless us all
Bird Flu(Avian Influenza) Outbreak Fears Spark Action - Up To 100 Million People Could Die
Signals in the Middle East and The birth of modern Arab politics

December 9, 2004

'Abducted' Marine's desertion charge
Kurdish Blogger: Who to blame for future murders? Kevin Sites
French ambassador: Israelis suffer from 'anti-Frenchism'
Pablo Paredes, Like Jeremy Hinzman, Is a Coward, Nothing More, Nothing Less
Marriages made in hell
Christians take over cathedral

December 8, 2004

Medya - Mede's Land is Kurdistan
U.S.: Ex-Baathists Direct Attacks From Inside Syria
On An "Open letter to Ayaan Hirsi Ali"
Jeremy Hinzman You Are Simply A Coward, Nothing More, Nothing Less
Egypt TV airs interview with Israeli embassy official
Lawyer Involved In Al-Arian Case Asks Extortion Charge Be Dropped

December 7, 2004

Compassion From Killers - Marine Commander Speaks Out
From One Marine To Another - God Bless You Cpl. Robert P. Warns II.
I Stand Corrected - by readers. Is America Southern Canada?
Military captures bomb cell members - Are We Listening?
Nine die in gun battle as al-Qaeda attacks US diplomats
Bacterial Threat - Schools take Precautions Against MRSA
Russia reveals new missile threat

December 6, 2004

People In Jeddah React With Anger, Surprise
Iranian Students Vent Frustration at Khatami
Kurdo's World: From Kurdistan -To Your Desktop
Study On Dogs Yields Hope In Human Paralysis Treatment
Blogging later today, research morning.
Insurgents Step Up Attacks in Iraq
At homeland defense: black belt with street smarts
Haploidentical natural killer cells may provide hope for some patients with AML
Eating Red Meat Doubles Chances Of Developing Rheumatoid Arthritis
U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia Attacked
Returning Fallujans will face clampdown

December 5, 2004

Iranians Arrested In Alleged Attempt To Obtain U.S. Night Vision Systems
Bill Clinton: New UN Secretary-General. No not Really, but think about it.
Musharraf: Bin Laden's Location Is Unknown
Muslims march to protest terrorism
Even at Low Levels, Benzene Takes Toll on White Blood Cells

December 4, 2004

Bones Suggest Women Went to War in Ancient Iran
IFILM Removes "Submission" from their site without explanation
In Memory of Innocent Lives Lost - Kelsey And Hayley Byrne, Killed By Their Father
Stoned to death in France... why Europe is starting to lose its faith in Islam
Putin attacks US 'dictatorship'
Securing the death road - An Iraqi Blogger's Account
Victorious Kiev protesters drink to democracy after 13 days in the cold
Bin Laden's hideout is touted as tourist site

December 3, 2004

Taking Glucocorticoids by Prescription Is Associated with Subsequent Cardiovascular Disease
How Virus That Causes AIDS Spreads Following Oral Exposure
In Iraq, a preelection power play
Muslims seek ban on 'Submission II'
Daybreak Quick Trip Around The News Circuit

December 2, 2004

Possible synergistic prostate cancer suppression by anatomically discrete pomegranate fractions.
President Bush Calls for Full U.N. Oil-For-Food Probe
Houses Of Torture Found In Fallujah
Troops Target Former Baath Party Retreat
On Fatwas, The Religion Of Peace, And Sounding Off
The charm of the Iranian threat
On Iran: It's Either War, Or The Bomb
Iran making missiles that could hit Europe - say exiles
Arms Inspectors Said to Seek Access to Iran Sites - Iran Boasts Great Victory Over U.S.
Sudanese Sermons: Rabbis are Fighting with the U.S. Army in Fallujah; The Jews are Like Malaria
Bacterium infecting troops from Iraq, Afghanistan

December 1, 2004

Courier-Mail - Mutilated Body Was Not Margaret Hassan
New picture of Van Gogh murderer released
Essentially "a custom-made vaccine for each patient," French vaccine shows promise in preliminary study that demonstrates promise in suppressing AIDS virus
Chronic Stress Accelerates Aging As Measured By Telomere Length
Lung Cancer Treatment Adds Years onto Lives, UK
Terrorist Warcrimes in Fallujah, Where is the Main Stream Media
Marines Aided by Robotic Airplane in Iraq
US Commander in Northern Iraq Tells BBC Violence in Mosul Undermining efforts to hold elections in the City on January 30
Hyscience Joins Spirit of America's Blogger Challenge