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November 27, 2004

Pastor of kissimmee Christian Academy Responds to UHF Founder's Request For Proof of Statements Reported In Previous Hyscience Post

Topics: National News

Pastor Lee Wesson of  Kissimmee Christian Academy has responded to the CEO of The Universal Heritage Foundation's request for "proof that anyone connected with UHF has ever made such an evil statement..." (refering comments attributed to Pastor Wesson in previous Hyscience post)

In response to Dr. Shaw's request, Pastor Wesson offered the following:

From Jewish News Weekly:

[Imam Abdul Malik, Guest Speaker *Universal Heritage Foundation*]

Jewish students at San Francisco State University were quietly
commemorating Yom HaShoah on Tuesday when they were blindsided by a loud
and well-attended pro-Palestinian rally on Malcolm X Plaza in which
speakers justified suicide bombings, downplayed the Holocaust and claimed
Americans worship Zionists.

Hillel students reported that speaker Imam Abdul Malik Ali, a spiritual
leader at Oakland's Masjid Al-Islam mosque, urged the crowd of roughly
500 to 800 to 'stop calling them suicide bombers. When a person commits
suicide, they are oppressed, without hope, depressed. Palestinian mothers
are supporting their children who are suicide bombers, saying, 'Go honey,

The Golden Gate Xpress, SFSU's online student newspaper, quoted Ali as
saying, 'That ain't suicide. That's martyrdom.'

The Muslim religious leader and SFSU graduate also was quoted by both the
school newspaper and Hillel students as calling for a right of return for
Palestinians, saying that Israelis ought to return to Germany, to Poland
to Russia. The Germans should hook y'all up. You should go back to

From Orlando Sentinel:

[Sheik Abdul Rahman al-Sudais, Invited guest speaker Universal Heritage

Al-Sudais said Arabs should bid farewell to peace with the Jews, whom he
described as the scum of the human race, the rats of the world, the
killers of prophets and the grandsons of monkeys and pigs.”

From: The Manila Times:

A top Saudi Arabian Muslim cleric [al-Sudais] prayed to God on [that]
Friday to terminate the Jews and urged Arabs and Muslims to abandon
efforts to make peace with Israel.

He [al-Sudais] prayed to God to terminate the Jews, whom he described
as the scum of humanity¦ the rats of the world¦ prophet killers¦ pigs and monkeys.

Quotes by Zulfiqar A. Shah, Director (Universal Heritage Foundation),
CHICAGO, (IslamOnline)

If we are unable to stop the Jews now, their next stop is Yathrib (The
Prophet's city of Medina), where the Jews used to live until their
expulsion by Prophet Muhammad (SAW). That's the pinnacle of their

From The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs:

[Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Director Universal Heritage Foundation]

Visiting from Florida, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, vice president of the Islamic
Circle of North America, assisted Dr. Kasim with the fund-raising. Dr. Shah
spoke eloquently of how the blood of Palestine's youth must wake up
Muslims, and that Muslims must come together to liberate Jerusalem¦

From Steven Emerson, American Jihad:

[Wagdy Ghuneim, Invited guest speaker Universal Heritage Foundation]

On May 24, 1998, for example, CAIR co-sponsored an incendiary rally at
Brooklyn College that featured speakers spouting anti-Jewish rhetoric. One
speaker was Wagdy Ghuneim, a radical cleric from Egypt. He told listeners,
"Allah says he who equips a warrior of jihad is like the one makes jihad
himself." He led the audience in a song with the lyrics: "No to the Jews,
descendants of the apes.

Pastor Wesson did not provide individual  links to the above sources, but most of the material can be found Here..  and   Here...   From the material provided by Pastor Wesson, it seems as though the comments that he attributed to speakers and board members of UHF was not without basis. We will continue with trying to keep our readers up to date on the story, and hopefully hear what Dr. Shaw has to say in light of Pastor Wesson's response which appears to be solely comprised of material that is already available to the public.

Update: As an update to previous comments provided by Pastor Wesson in response to Dr Shaw's comments about the rent dispute, Pastor Wesson states that his previous two responses were sufficient answer to Dr. Shah's comment "The Pastor must bring the proof that anyone connected with UHF has ever made such an evil statement..." The rest of Pastor Wesson's comments are provided below without edits and in their entirity:

As to issues of "back rent". Our counter-suit is public record of our position. 

A question though, does Dr. Shah address me as if he were "just another tenant" on the property, or does he speak in the tone of an active agent for the landlord, making claims against me that are disputed and which are the subject of our litigation?

This might help clear things up, FROM THE UNIVERSAL HERITAGE WEBSITE:

"The Value [of the property and the donation to them by Super Stop Petroleum]

In April 2000, while the Campus was still being used by the Southeastern
Academy, its Value in Use was determined to be $6.78 million by Primis,
Inc., a State of Florida Certified General Appraisal firm. Based upon the
increase in the property values in general in the Orlando area over the last
four years, a similar valuation today could easily be $9.00 million.

Our wonderful brother purchased this Campus including a great deal of
furniture and equipment for a total package price of $2.5 million. The
property was transferred to his name in August 2003, and he offered the
same to us for use in early September. Based upon our common vision, the
Universal Heritage Foundation, Inc. was born on September 10, 2003."

[We were in the way.  Dr. Shah was advertising our building (hey, we were just his neighbors!) on his website shortly after he was on the premises. Why would he advertise our 6-acre parcel as well as the 10 acres he "leased?"

Because he was slated to take over the entire parcel--and was so anxious to move forward he advertised our location (including pictures) as "The Islamic Center of Orlando."

Can you imagine our shock to see our school and property advertised as anything but our own school?  And that while we were JUST beginning our 2003-2004 school year. Then came the harassment--and we lost students, reputation, money and we were forced out. Then I was sued. My counter-claim addresses all the above.

More to come on this story....

Posted by Hyscience at November 27, 2004 12:51 PM

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