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November 11, 2004

Hyscience Fees and Services

Topics: Hyscience Services and Fees

Visit us daily for new posts on pharmacology, medical jurisprudence, and political perspectives on the U.S. and Middle East (from the Center-of-the-Road) that you don't get from the mainstream media.

We are "Experts in Clinical Pharmacology and Medical Jurisprudence."  We are all active in  clinical research and/or teaching and medical practice. We are experienced expert witnesses with a proven record. Email us for 24 hour telephone contact, worldwide.

Hyscience provides the legal profession with highly credible physician-pharmacologist experts in clinical pharmacology. We specialize in medical jurisprudence cases involving clinical pharmacology such as  drug reactions, drug-drug interactions, and drug development. Our heavily credentialed, detail-oriented, and highly experienced experts in medicine, clinical pharmacology, and medical jurisprudence, are of superior professional competence, most are board certified in several different medical disciplines, and are active in private practice, teaching, and research at leading medical institutions.

Hyscience medical and scientific experts take particular pride in offering evaluation and testimony in medicine and clinical pharmacology without regard to a client's status as plaintiff or defendant. Our experts place great emphasis on evaluating each case without prejudice, providing unbiased expert medical and scientific opinion and testimony, and doing so with the utmost regard for and compliance with established medical and scientific standards.

Our blog is always free. Our consulting and medical-expert witness service fees are provided by email, upon request.

Our practice is to email the blog once weekly to professional recipients that have given their permission by telephone, email, or both. We encourage reciprocal link exchanges with law firms, medical professionals, and reputable information resources/blogs.

Posted by Hyscience at November 11, 2004 6:25 PM

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