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November 25, 2004

First Known Survival Of Rabies Post Onset Of Symptoms

Topics: Medicine

Posted today on the Pro Care Blog, this remarkable report of rabies survival"

Doctors at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin used a combination of four drugs to save the life of a fifteen year old girl with rabies. It is the first known case where someone survived rabies after the onset of symptoms.

Bitten by a rabid bat while in church on September 12th, the girl did not have treatment until she showed symptoms in mid October. The doctors used two anesthetic drugs and two antiviral medications to save her life. The exact drug combination will reportedly be revealed in an upcoming journal article.

Louis Pasteur must be proud.

The upcoming article on the exact drug combination used to save the patient's life will be much anticipated. This is an important application of skill, knowledge and a willingness to take a risk and try something new in order to save a life. In today's medical-legal climate, traits much in demand.

Posted by Hyscience at November 25, 2004 12:52 AM

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