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November 29, 2004

Death Threats for a Dutch MP

Topics: International News

Dimmi Watch has the following post today on more aftermath from the van Gogh murder.

Subtitled "More on Geert Wilders from Alexis Amory in FrontPage, Robert Spencer writes:

In the turbulent wake of the slaughter of Dutch media personality and provocateur Theo van Gogh, maverick Member of Parliament Geert Wilders has called for a five-year moratorium on all non-European immigration. Against a backdrop of threats to his life from the jihadi community, Wilders is now under 24-hour government protection. Even when he is in his high security office in the Dutch House of Parliament, there are two policemen at his side.

Police investigating van Gogh's murder discovered advanced plans to murder Wilders, plus videos promising 72 virgins for anyone who managed to assassinate him. Wilders now does not know where he will be sleeping on any given night, as he is driven from safehouse to safehouse in a convoy of armored cars. He told London's Times, "My life has changed completely. I am sleeping very badly. To think that someone plans to kill me is something that no person would have a good night's rest about." He continued with typical Dutch understatement, "Even when I am on the floor of the parliament, I don't feel comfortable."

The great thing about putting out a contract on someone if you're a Muslim is, you don't have to find the unmarked bills for the hit man. You just offer those notional 72 virgin retreads and you've got yourself a deal.

Fellow parliamentarian Somali-born Hirsi Ali, an apostate who collaborated with van Gogh on the movie that Muslim immigrants to Holland deemed blasphemous or insulting or some other whine, is now under such heavy government protection that she can no longer meet her obligations to her constituents. The Mayor of Amsterdam has also been threatened with action from the beheading community, as has his Muslim deputy, and they, too, are under 24-hour protection, as are two other members of Parliament, including Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk.

The Dutch, schooled in tolerance, have been badly shaken, first by the barbaric butchery and then by the aftermath of burning mosques, schools and churches and the 14-hour standoff between police and Muslims holed up in a house in The Hague, and subsequent revelations about more murder plans.

Two years ago, when Pim Fortuyn, who had been the first to spot that Islamic rigid intolerance was a threat to the tolerance of the West, was murdered, there were stirrings of concern. The election, held a few days after his funeral, produced large gains for the political party Fortuyn had recently founded in order to get some controls on Islamic immigration into tiny Holland (pop. 16m). For the first time, the subject had been brought into the open air and examined rigorously, without pious politically correct niceties. It gave the Dutch the first wake-up nudge.  Read More...

Posted by Hyscience at November 29, 2004 11:19 AM

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