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November 22, 2004

British security services have foiled an Al-Qaeda plot

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LONDON (AFP) - British security services have foiled an Al-Qaeda plot to fly planes into targets in London in a September 11-style attack, Britain's independent ITV News network reported. About 6:47 PM (ET)

"This is the story of what could have been a nightmare averted," said ITV's political editor Nick Robinson. "A story not of failure, but of success."

"That, at least, is what I am told by a senior authoritative source who says that the security services managed to avert a plot to fly planes into Canary Wharf here, and also into Heathrow Airport," he said.

"I simply do not know the details of how they found out, how they stopped it, how close the plot got, but I am in no doubt that this was a genuine feeling on the behalf of those in the security services that they had managed to foil a plot and make us safer," he added.

British_plane(AFP/File/Odd Andersen)
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ITV News confirmed to AFP that their journalist's "non-attributable source" was in "the arena" of the security services or government, but would not be specific.

Britain's Home Office and London's Metropolitan Police declined to comment on the report. Source...

This isn't the first time that the British have foiled an al-Qaeda attack. On November 17, 2002 an al-Qaeda terror plot to kill thousands of commuters on the London Underground using cyanide gas was foiled by MI5. Three North African men were taken into police custody. They were arrested after a six- month operation by the the British security service to infiltrate their terror cell.

The men were said to belong to the North African Front -- an Islamic extremist group with links to Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda network. Up to four other planned attacks have been foiled. Source...
also, Source...

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