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November 27, 2004

Blogger in Ukraine Posts: My mother-in-law, revolutionary

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From a blogger in Kiev, Ukraine, foriegn notes, comes this living story:

My mother-in-law called us on Wednesday and told us that she was not getting any news and didn't know what was going on here in Kiev. (At that time, the news stations couldn't field enough reporters to cover the news. They were on strike in protest of having to report the party line.) She said that she was going to come here so she could see for herself what was happening.

My mother-in-law lives in a small village about 80 miles from Kiev. The main industry is agriculture though that agriculture is mostly for themselves and for what they can sell in the open air markets of the larger towns in the area. If they need any more money, the men usually go work construction in the larger cities, mostly Kiev. Since they usually need more money than they can get from selling produce in the markets, this means that the men are often gone quite a bit.

Life is hard there. There is no mechanization so any work needing to be done to prepare the soil for planting in the spring or for the harvesting that needs to be done at the end of summer, must be done by hand. Most hand wash clothes with water drawn from a well heated on the stove. There is no indoor plumbing. (When they do think about having indoor plumbing it is mostly to be able to take a bath. Other reasons are further down on the list.) This means that there is always a lot of work to do every day in the village. Read More...

Cudos to Tulip girl who noted the post and has comments and insight worth reading. Tulip girl helps to bring the streets of Kiev to our computer screens in America. Her style makes for pleasant and informative reading.

In an opinion piece written in the Kiev post on Nov 25 we have for us a perspective that American's can understand. It speaks of Russia having no more a right to a "sphere of influence" in its back yard than any other country has, and gives us as an example the idea of Russia dictating to Ukraine, much less actively arranging its internal affairs, being as ludicrous as the idea of the United States dictating to Canada. Enough said!

Posted by Hyscience at November 27, 2004 11:53 PM

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