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November 2004

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November 30, 2004

Where is the outcry from Hollywood over the van Gogh murder by an Islamic Morrocan-Dutch citizen?
"Muslim Extremists Preach Violence in Europe." Coming to America or already here?
Dutch MP vows follow-up to film 'Submission'
24th Marine Expeditionary Unit in Iraq in The Triangle of Death
Red Cross cites U.S. abuse at Guantanamo
Iran Says Nuclear Freeze Won't Last Long
Study: Drug helps sickest cancer patients
Predictors of survival in severe, early onset COPD.

November 29, 2004

Landlord Tenant Dispute Or Facing Down Islamic Radicalism?
Rationale for clinical trials of coagulation: reactive drugs in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Hamas leader says would consider 10-year truce
Jerusalem Post Reports: PA orders end to incitement
Nation's 'Joan of Arc' all fired up
Terror expert: al-Qaida WMD attack on US likely soon
Death Threats for a Dutch MP
Children of Swedish Mother Offered For Sale By Palestinian Father
Turkish police kill Kurdish school child, label boy "terrorist"
Threat of east-west split looms in Ukraine
Randomized multicenter trial of natalizumab in acute MS relapses: clinical and MRI effects.
Alternatives to current disease-modifying treatment in MS: what do we need and what can we expect in the future?
An open-label safety and drug interaction study of natalizumab (Antegren) in combination with interferon-beta (Avonex) in patients with multiple sclerosis.

November 28, 2004

Iran Website Shows Videos Of Islamic Republic of Iran Interrogations Done On Prisoners
Iran Group Signs Up Suicide Volunteers
Email From Iraq: In Service To The Queen
The Suicide Bombers And The Martyr Culture At Al-Najah University In Nablus
Revealed: the full story of the Ukrainian election fraud
Pomegranates hailed as a super-food which can protect the heart.
Terrorists turn up the dial in global PR war
Transdermal fentanyl (Duragesic): respiratory arrest in adolescents
U.S. Seizes Nine Insurgent Suspects South of Baghdad
Iraq Part Of America's Secret War
Iran war generation at vanguard of "new Iraq"
Stem cells help woman walk again
Iran-EU nuclear talks collapse
Abizaid warns Iran not to underestimate US
Leukemia patients survive with stem cell transplant
Hate 101: Climate of hate rocks Columbia University

November 27, 2004

Blogger in Ukraine Posts: My mother-in-law, revolutionary
Bayer's Baycol Should Have Been Withdrawn Earlier
Zarqawi network appeals for help in first signals of defeat
CIA: Abdul Qadeer Khan Provided More Assistance to Iranian Nuke Program Than Initially Thought
FDA Acts to Remove Ephedra-Containing Dietary Supplements From Market - What took so long?
High Explosive Chess in Fallujah
Letter from Fallujah, An Army Officer's First hand Account
From the New York Times: The Fear Born of a Much Too Personal Look at Jihad
Pastor of kissimmee Christian Academy Responds to UHF Founder's Request For Proof of Statements Reported In Previous Hyscience Post
In search of the 'Moderate Muslims' - Review of Interview with Sheik: Moderate U.S. Muslims have become 'the silent majority"
American Muslim group sells anti-Semitic hate literature

November 26, 2004

Why Aren't Amiodarone's fatal side effects labeled?
On New Medicines and Drug Safety, Comments and the Story
Army Ranger's Start New Dating Service
Rosuvastatin pharmacokinetics in heart transplant recipients administered an antirejection regimen including cyclosporine.
The Ongoing Saga of Kissimmee Christian Academy
Iran gives in on N-deal. Really?
Iran Target: The Jewish state
On Upcoming Case in Michigan: Henry v. Dow Chemical
Fatah's Barghouti paving way for Abbas as PA chairman
Petition: Stop the stoning of a 13-year-old child in Iran!
Fallujah insurgents claim to have resumed attacks
Russia slams Ukraine interference
Rumsfeld warns US troops of more losses
Suicide Grenade-dog Attack Fails
It is an old story but it is happening today": The Ongoing Tradgedy Of Landmines."
Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors May Increase Risk of Abnormal Bleeding CME
Ten Things to Think When Thinking of Muslim "Moderates"

November 25, 2004

OPINION: It's Time To Dust-Off The Four Myths About Muslims
In election bid, Palestinian lifer Barghouti decides to run -- from prison
Iraqi Government Meeting with Saddam supporters
Dutch Shocked by Public Death Wish from Muslim. Coming to America?
IDF troops kill two Hamas men during Hebron arrest operation
AP Reports Soldiers Find Weapons Caches in Fallujah
Over One Million Christians Sign EU Religion Plea
Happy Thanksgiving America
What did we really find in Fallujah?
Declaration of Independence Banned at Calif School
First Known Survival Of Rabies Post Onset Of Symptoms

November 24, 2004

Images From The Film Submission, For This van Gogh Was Killed?
In Comments To Hyscience Post, CEO of Universal Heritage Foundation Disputes Accusations By Florida Pastor.
The Effect Of Gemfibrozil On The Pharmacokinetics of Rosuvastatin.
On Iran and its Nuclear Ambitions, more of the same and the geopolitical issue.
Let's Say It, "CAIR is a Terrorist Front Organization," With A Dangerous Agenda For America

November 23, 2004

Hunting 'Satan' in Falluja hell
A Prayer For Our Troops
More on the Boston Mosque, And It Just Gets Even More Frightening!
US raid misses target in Iraq, Wrong House
The Boston Mosque: the Rise of Radical Islam in America
Journalist Urgently In Need Of Assistance For Liver Transplant, Bloggers
A potpourri of media bias - President Bush Soars In Post Election Poll, and where is the MSM?
UN: 150 sex abuse charges in Congo peacekeeping. Now there is Congo-sexgate
Mass Offensive Launched South of Baghdad

November 22, 2004

Eradication of multi-drug resistant Acinetobacter from an intensive care unit.
British security services have foiled an Al-Qaeda plot
Kevin Sites Blog
The Australian: Bomb found on airliner in Iraq
Zacht Ei - The hype about the Turkish demonstration in Germany
MoD probes Black Watch shooting
More bodies of Iraqi soldiers found in Mosul
Arafat's family, French FM agreed: medical truth will harm Palestinians
Machine-gun Fire in the Streets of Fallujah, amidst the cry "We are not going to die"
"Marines shoot insurgent who was 'playing dead,' Can this be the begining of vindication for the Marine in the Mosque shooting?
Surprise, MSM Icon NYT Reporting on the Clues on Hostages That Are Emerging From Houses in Fallujah
Moderate Muslims and Arabs Emerge from the Shadows, Or, Maybe Not

November 21, 2004

Potential drug interaction with paclitaxel and highly active antiretroviral therapy in two patients with AIDS-associated Kaposi sarcoma.
Pfizer Statement Regarding Additional Prescribing Information for Depo-Provera
Jihadis claim reinforcements have arrived in Fallujah
Modern-Day Caveman Struggles to Survive With Cave Family
On Kurdish Beheadings in Mosul
Introduction to: If you knew then it's a disaster while if you didn't then the disaster is even bigger. Iraqi Blogger Counters U. of Mich. Liberal Professors View on Fallujah
Raid on Mosque Sparks Battles in Baghdad
His Name Was Nachshon Wachsman
The Australian Reports Four decapitated bodies found
Terrorists Tarnish Image of Islam, Says Abdullah, But Jihad Watch Says It's Too Late For The Likes Of Abdullah To Any Longer Prettify Islam.
Iraq Election Date Announced
Suha, Arafat's wife, snatches medical dossier before Arafat's nephew gets it, flees to Tunis
Memorial To Israelis Murdered Since September, 2000
The "Dear Dad" Email From A Marine Lt. Col. In Fallujah, The Right Perspective On The War And The Real Story You Need To Hear

November 20, 2004

AP ENTERPRISE: Terror probes turn up an even more zealous brand of Islamic militancy
If That's What You Call Supporting Our Troops, Just Save It
Student Beat Up After Presentation About Islam
Dutch Immigration secretary to Dutch imams: Learn Dutch
Late Bloging Today

November 19, 2004

Possible IED Solution?
AP Interview: Popular Dutch Lawmaker Urges Halt To Non-Western Immigrants, Shutting Down Radical Mosques
Strategy Page Report: Shahib Missile Info Known In October
Old News - Iran Calls For The Destruction Of Israel
Diplomats: Iran Is Readying Nuke Processes
Norwegian Imam Supports van Gogh Murder
DEBKAfile Claims ID of Iran Nuclear Warhead Design
U.S., Iraqi Troops Storm Baghdad Mosque
Alleged Accomplices of Beslan Terrorists Detained by Russian Special Services

November 18, 2004

Image of Night Patrol in Iraq
Long Live Free Fallujah, And More
Antibiotic resistance of Acinetobacter baumannii isolates: data from Ibni Sina Hospital for the year 2002
Rare Blood Infection Surfaces in Injured U.S. Soldiers
Last Letters Home Film
Iraq Resistance looks beyond Fallujah - A View From The Outside
Genocide out of control yet still the UN refuses to act
US Troops find Texas SUV being converted to car bomb
Huge Blast Rocks Southwestern Baghdad
Nephew to receive Arafat's medical file: Qurei
Oxycodone involvement in drug abuse deaths. II. Evidence for toxic multiple drug-drug interactions.
Disturbance of vision by COX-2 inhibitors
Fallujah To Get Government Aid
Iran nuclear missile, Is It The Sharab-3 Already Developed?
Honest Accounting of Arafat's Fortune a Must
"Why Theo Van Gogh Was Murdered"
Feeling of siege in Mosul
Sporadic fighting erupts in Fallujah
Denmark's Moderate Muslims Afraid To Speak Out
Christian School in Florida Alleges Wrongfull Eviction By Radical Islamic Group
Powell: Iran Developing Nuclear Bomb

November 17, 2004

Arab Media And The Shooting Of The Fallujah Mosque
Sonic Hedgehog shapes the brain
Mechanistic and epidemiologic considerations in the evaluation of adverse birth outcomes following gestational exposure to statins.
Final Follow-up To Sarin Gas Story
A short list of Foreign Hostages Executed In Iraq During 2004
A Casualty of the Watched War - Or Required Reading For The Main Stream Media!
Sarin Gas or Sarin Gas Kit? Not Sure Yet
Possible Sarin Find in Fallujah?
Russia to deploy new-generation nuclear weapons system: Putin
Oxycodone involvement in drug abuse deaths. II. Evidence for toxic multiple drug-drug interactions.
Ghost Battalion of Iraq
China News - Hamas refuse to stop armed attacks on Israel
Iranian opposition group says it has new evidence that Iran is producing enriched uranium at a covert Defense Ministry facility in Tehran.
Ulcer formation with low-dose enteric-coated aspirin and the effect of COX-2 selective inhibition
On Islam And Human Sacrifice
Video Shows Hostage Slaying Of Margaret Hanson. "Where Is The Outcry?"
Late Posting Today

November 16, 2004

Lessons Of That Bin Laden Tape
Inhibitory Effect of Antituberculosis Drugs on Human Cytochrome P450-Mediated Activities.
The Australian: Drones Pick Off 'Rats' of Falluja
The spectrum of gastrointestinal toxicity and effect on disease activity of selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
Iran: 14 Year Old Boy Dies From 85 Lashes For Braking His Ramadan Fast
Marines Rally Around Their Comrade Involved In Mosque Incident
Israel Examining Possibility That Arafat Died Of Aids
Sentence Of Death By Stoning Overturned
Visiting The Cult Of Palestinianism
Geopolitical Intelligence Report - The Death of Arafat
The 'Mosque Shooting' Needs To Be Considered In The Context Of War
Now It's About Jihad In Denmark
More 'Axis of Evil' News, Consort's Death Rocks Kim Jong-il
COX-2 Inhibition And Cancer: Experimental Findings And Clinical Correlates.

November 15, 2004

Spanish Terror Cell Sent Cash To Pearl's Killers
Adverse Reactions to Biological Modifiers
Real Marine Combat Video Unedited
Palestinians Seek Arafat Medical Records
U.S. Military Says Has 100 Pct Control of Falluja
Revisiting "Arafat's Stinky Past"
FDA Medwatch Alert On Mifeprex
In Iraq, More Secrets To Be Revealed!
U.S. officer charged with murdering an Iraqi
Chirac Rules Out Aid To Mosques
US strikes Baquba, killing 20
More Video of Fallujah Battle
US warplanes pound south Fallujah
Stevens-Johnson syndrome induced by paclitaxel in a patient with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung: a case report.
American Jewish Leaders Outraged By Threats Of Violence Against Presbyterians
The Immunotherapy of Alzeimer's Disease
Mutilated Torso Found In Iraq

November 14, 2004

US Forces Capture 10 "Mujahadeen" (foreign fighters) from Iran in Fallujah
Radical Behavior Not Limited To Islamists
Al Queda Possibly Targeting The U.S. Through Mexico With Nuclear Weapons
Update to "Film That Cost Van Gogh His Life"
London Muslim Puts Film of Black Watch Deaths on Net
A study of the Effectiveness of Commercially Available Drink Test Coasters for the Detection of "Date Rape" Drugs in Beverages.
Al Fahr Photo Essay, Sights of the Fallujah Battle
Late Saturday Night News Summary From Debka

November 13, 2004

Muslims Dismayed by Anti-Islamic Backlash
In Memory of Nachshon
Freedom Squelches Terrorist Violence
Iran Heading Towards Conflict
Upper Gastrointestinal Adverse Drug Reactions And Cyclo-oxygenase-2 inhibitors (celecoxib and rofecoxib)
Arafat's Legacy Defined
Alan Dershowitz on "Bin Laden's Inspiration"

November 12, 2004

A Unique Visual Perspective of the Middle East
"Spooky" Intelligence Stuff Going On In Holland
Bangladesh Daily Star Reports Iran Vowing To Resist Pressure On Nukes
MEDICAL COUNTERMEASURES - Medicine to the rescue
More Money For Suha
Syrians "Dis" Arafat?
Tiny Minority of Extremists?
Former President Carter On Arafat, "A Powerful Human Symbol"
Access Cardiosystems, Inc. Issues a Worldwide Recall of Automated External Defibrillators (AED'S)
Iran May Agree To Demand For Suspension Of It's Uranium Activities

November 11, 2004

Some Media Claim That Praises Of Arafat By Press And World Leaders A Distortion Of Truth.
Hyscience Fees and Services
A Case of Rofecoxib-Associated Stevens-Johnson Syndrome with corneal And Conjunctival Changes
From The WorldNetDaily: The Death of Palestinianism
Film On Arafat's Dark Legacy
Arafat Is Dead

November 10, 2004

Iran able to mass-produce Shahab-3 missile
FDA Alert For Actra-Rx and Yilishen Dietary Supplements
Dutch Find The Strength To Take On Their 'New Nazis'
Suspected Interaction Between Tramadol and Warfarin
Europian Society's View Of The Proper Relationship Between Politics And Ethics

November 9, 2004

Van Gogh Nearly Decapitated By Islamic Murderer

November 8, 2004

Latest From Fallujah
Palestinian Women as Terrorists
Radical Islamic Students Cause Havoc at SFSU
The Film That Cost Van Gogh His Life
"Enemy" Pictures From Fallujah
Late Blogging Today

November 7, 2004

Video Of Fighter Attack In Fallujah
A Letter From A Marine In Fallujah

November 6, 2004

More Terrorist Encouragement From The "Peacefull Religion"

November 5, 2004

Terrorists Using Canada To Launder Funds
St. Mary Magdeline School in England Told To Drop "Its Offensive Saints Name."

November 4, 2004

Congratulations to America From an Iraqi Blogger
Post Election Blogging Plan
From "Kerry's Vietnam" to 9/11

November 3, 2004

FDA Indicates Vioxx Might Have Contributed to About 27K Heart Attacks, Deaths
Israel Looks For Second Bush Term To Complete 'Circle of Peace'
Pat's Story, Part One
IDF intelligence chief: Old Guard will succeed Arafat
Congratulations and Thank You to Senator Kerry
Why Did President Bush Win Reelection?

November 2, 2004

Democratic Pollster Predicts Bush Victory
Wrong War?
Vote Early Vote Often Part II
Votes Found on Voting Machines BEFORE Polls Open
Abstract Report: Contract research organizations (CROs) may be the next trend in clinical trials liability.
Kerry Discharge Part IV
Kerry Discharge Part III

November 1, 2004

Former SecNav says Kerry dishonorably discharged
At Last A Little Fresh Air
More on Iran's Nuclear Ambitions
On Vodkapundit's For What It's Worth II
Iran: 13 year old schoolgirl facing death by stoning flogged 55 times
Arafat financed Aksa Martyrs' Brigade
On Hugh Hewitt's "Everything Looks Good"
More on Kerry Discharge
Bin Laden Tape Translation Left Out Key Points
Kerry's Discharge Is Questioned by an Ex-JAG Officer