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September 22, 2014

Merry Christmas (or whatever we are "allowed" to call it) 2014 and beyond!

SUCH a bright future America. Aren't we so proud?


H/T BattlefieldUSA - Santa, Bashing Through The Snow...

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Stanley Kurtz: "Why Hillary's Alinsky Letters Matter"

From Kurtz's piece today at NRO:

[...] The difference between Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren is that Warren flouts her ideology, thrilling the base by making the leftist case as few other Democrats dare. Ever the Alinskyite, Hillary prefers to achieve leftist ends incrementally, in pragmatic guise. It's a conflict of means rather than ends, the same conflict that leads many leftists to doubt Obama's ideological credentials, when in fact the president is as much a man of the left as ever. ...
It's well worth your time to read the whole thing.

You can read the Hillary Clinton - Saul Alinsky letters yourself - HERE. The letters clearly suggest that far-left radical Saul Alinsky had a deeper influence on Hillary Clinton's early political views (that truly continue to this very day) than previously known.

For those who may not know just who Saul Alinsky was - read about Alinsky HERE. (Forty years after his death, Saul Alinsky - the father of the community-organizing model that inspired both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton - is more politically relevant than ever). )

Related must-read for low information voters (and informed, clear-thinking Americans that want to see them better informed): Media In 2014: Who Is Saul Alinsky And Why Should We Care?

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John Kerry Says Climate Change Is As Urgent A Threat As ISIS And Ebola


The Hill:

Secretary of State John Kerry said the threats posed by climate change should be addressed with as much "immediacy" as confronting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and the Ebola outbreak.

During a meeting with foreign ministers on Sunday, Kerry said global warming is creating "climate refugees."

"We see people fighting over water in some places. There are huge challenges to food security and challenges to the ecosystem, our fisheries and ... the acidification of the ocean is a challenge for all of us,"Kerry said.

"And when you accrue all of this, while we are confronting ISIL and we are confronting terrorism and we are confronting Ebola and other things, those are immediate," he added, using an alternate acronym for the terrorist group.

"This also has an immediacy that people need to come to understand, but it has even greater longer-term consequences that can cost hundreds of billions, trillions of dollars, lives, and the security of the world," Kerry continued. ...

More here ...

Personally, I'd much rather take my chances with winning the phony climate change war than winning the war against ISIS and other Islamic extremists when we are encumbered with a completely feckless, incompetent, and totally clueless administration whose policies are focused more on politics than what's best for America. In other words, there's no danger of "climate change" causing someone to chop off our heads or force us to convert to the hateful, violent, intolerant, anti-God religion of radical Islam, however ISIS and the threat of global Muslim terrorism is an entirely different matter.

And let's keep in mind that the so-called climate change 'consensus' has been falling apart ... despite what the Obama administration and its proponents keep claiming.

Related: Obama and the Rise of ISIS

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Stupid and senile America slips into that good night...

There it is. Senility. There is part of the answer as to why We, the People are doing nothing about our open borders and the snake that slithers untouched along the carpet of the Oval Office. We have become senile which might be expected of anyone (a country) over 200 years old. We have forgotten what it took to make freedom ring across this land and what it takes to maintain it.

The other part is stupidity. I figure God forgives senility, but stupidity - that is another matter entirely.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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Humorous and useful

Siblings and I have had a recurring conversation over the years - if a disaster occurred and you had to leave home, what would you grab as you were leaving? It's a good question. My answer is always Mr. Brown and a bag of dried dog food. But it's just yappin at the windmill (ouch) if one doesn't have any dried dog food in a handy spot!

Gerard Vanderleun at American Digest recalls a particular Sunday morning...

The Go-Bag: "What does one wear to a truly stunning natural disaster?"
It all started in Laguna Beach when something went BUMP!

ABOUT QUARTER TO NINE this serene Sunday morning, as I was sitting down and wondering what to write about, the house bumped me. One BUMP with the sound of "Thump!" as if a giant's fist had given the floor a little love tap. And then... nothing. No rattle of plates and shuddering of books in the shelves. No rising hiss of gas lines pulled open. None of the sounds of panicked birds. Just one BUMP with a thump and then everything goes back to "Condition California Normal."

Everything except me.

When you've recently had a number of homes 400 yards from you just wake up one morning and decided to take a slide down their hill, you tend to become just a wee bit oversensitive to your environment. That solid BUMP had me out of my chair and moving toward the front door with dedication. Once second, I'm sitting. Next second, I'm standing in the middle of the intersection looking up and down the streets. I'm paying special attention as to whether or not I can see any tall trees swaying on this windless morning. Nope. Nothing. But the birds agreed with me since they had, for once, shut up.

I also found myself standing in the intersection in my pajamas with bare feet. A neighbor dressed in a robe and boxer shorts came out on his third-floor balcony, wallet and keys in his hand.

"You feel that?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah. I see you did too."

"Maybe," I said, "we should get dressed." Continue here.


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September 21, 2014

Marines to be disciplined in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2....

May I be wrong on this one. May I be wrong. In the meantime - may God watch over and bless our military!

"WND managing editor and "How Evil Works" author David Kupelian also commented: "It's been said that it takes a religion to fight a religion. With the butchers of ISIS daily proclaiming that they are inspired, motivated and directed by their insane religion, it's great to see members of the U.S. military proclaiming their faithfulness to the one true God."

Here are the lyrics ... spelled out just to make the point perfectly clear.!

And she (that would be me) says never, let a good opportunity to post the below go to waste!

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Chairman Gowdy - The People want to know - who is Bob? Benghazi

Bob (not his real name) the CIA Chief in Benghazi. The man who told the annex security team to "stand down" rather than go rescue those at the compound.

Bob (not his real name) who "reportedly received a prestigious intelligence service medal" after it was all over.

Bob (not his real name) who can tell us - who gave the order to let those men die?

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"What difference does it make" Killary? Benghazi

Really? The people want to know. I hope it makes a lot of difference because the people, including government employees, are real, real, tired of all the lies.

"These heroes live forever, but a coward dies a thousand times."

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"My first prayer to God. Real prayer." PTSD

"God get me home to my girls."

I have no idea how it is that I find something I want to post, such as the below, and later I find something related, such as the above, which are so interconnected. Earlier today I read that some "crazy" had tried to get into the White House. The reality is far different than the speculation.

By my calculations Mr. Gonzalez spent nearly fifteen years in the Army, those last years in Iraq. The Army sent him on a second tour despite his being diagnosed with PTSD after his first tour. May there be a Mike Day in Omar Gonzalez's near future.

From Weaselzippers - Intruder Who Made It Into The White House Was Iraq War Vet Suffering PTSD, According To Family

The intruder who scaled a White House fence and made it through the front doors was an Army veteran diagnosed with combat trauma, but authorities said Saturday the case was still under investigation.

A family member in California said Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, of Copperas Cove, Texas, near Ft. Hood, has been homeless and living alone in the wild and in campgrounds with his two pet dogs for the last two years.

"He's been depressed for quite some time," the relative said. "He'd been taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. I suspect he stopped taking it, otherwise this wouldn't have happened."

Gonzalez joined the Army in the mid-1990s, the family member said. He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after his first tour in Iraq. "But they sent him back for a second tour," he said.

Please read his story here.

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September 20, 2014

Obama's World for ye peasants and sheep

In Hussein Obama's world you and I are to build many bridges. Many roads. Watch much TV. We have come to accepting the not so bright spots the jihadist-in-chief showers upon us: obamacare; benghazigate; threats of bloodbaths; disease/pestilence; martial law; ISIS; obamaphones; obamaguns; obamajustice. Isn't it time to crawl out from under the covers America?


* * *

Bunkerville - Martial Law - 'Shelter in place' comes to NE PA over Police killer Frein 8:03pm EST 9/20/14 - this note from Bunkerville -

My friend just called me from "The Zone". She is forced for the second night to stay in a hotel. Second night of not being permitted to go home. She and her son are without their meds. She said the hotels are packed. No provisions for taking care of anyone. The so called Barrett fire house they were sent to has no beds and only had potato chips and water. So people are forced to sleep in cars if they cannot afford or get a room. This is crazy.

* * *

Huge Border Protest Cancelled - Cartel promises blood bath

BattlefieldUSA - ISIS Near W. Virginia - but we're monitoring them!

* * *

Marine Corps vets walk 300 miles to tell Obama: Free Tahmooressi

Democrats accuse Benghazi annex security team of lying. No stand down order was given.

* * *

More Than 700 Infants Exposed To TB At Texas Hospital - Texas Dept of Public Health TB Event Information

CDC: Severe respiratory illness in children now in 22 states

Battlefield USA - Mmm-Mmm Tasty Ebola...

* * *

Sharyl Attkisson - Government Insider Warned of Security Risks: 'I Am Tired of the Cover-Ups'

Benghazi Gate Cover Up Sharyl Attkisson

I'm41 - IRS 'Whenever we can, we follow the law'


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"Your mouth to God's ears" ISIS

Thanks Shep.

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September 19, 2014

Bush Lite - Bill Whittle

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Hussein Obama wagthedog? The Ebola dog? Nicht!

Not possible! Why on God's green earth would the jihadist-in-chief try to distract his lemmings? He couldn't possibly be that cold/calculating?

And the best line of the week that I read came from American Digest - "I try to become more cynical every day, but lately I just can't keep up."

American Thinker - Is Obama Wagging the Ebola Dog?

The anti-war president has finally found a way to wag the dog without upsetting his liberal base and war-weary electorate. Despite the beheading of two Americans, establishment of an Islamic caliphate, direct threats to the U.S. homeland, and the destabilization of the entire Middle East, Obama refuses to acknowledge that we are at war with barbaric Islamic jihadists. And he refuses to authorize the requisite boots on the ground.

However, Obama just discovered his pre-midterm election method of wagging the dog -- distracting from his incompetent and dangerous response (or lack thereof) to the real threats to America's national security while looking tough and proactive. Calling it a "top national security priority," Obama is sending 3000 military personnel to Liberia to help combat Ebola. According to a Fox report, this is now the Pentagon's "number one priority." Whew, I can now sleep at night knowing that I am safe from the biggest threat to the safety and security of Americans.

Perhaps we should be relieved that Obama has finally made a decision -- any decision -- but given how utterly ridiculous, misinformed, and useless this is from a big picture perspective, his strategy reeks more of mind-boggling political calculation than a desire to stem the tide of a worldwide threat. Especially in the face of medical experts who have advised that Ebola does not pose a threat to us.

Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease and Prevention, recently stated, "It is not impossible that there will be some travelers who become sick in this country. But we are confident that a large Ebola outbreak in the United States will not occur." Continue for much more - here.

Video - H/T Cry and Howl - Terrorists just want a 'path to citizenship'
At 4:00 -
Question: Why are we not taking up the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Report so that we don't have another attack again?
Jeh Johnson: There are a number of 9/11 Commission recommendations that I wish we could all adopt. (FOCUS on his smile here. WTF!)
Question: But enforcing our immigration laws is number one?
Jeh Johnson: Very plainly enforcing of our immigration laws is a top priority of mine and with the resources that congress gives us we can and we should do an effective job of going after those that represent threats to public safety.

"We can and we should..." I'm going to say it again - "should" - WTF?

How many years since the 9/11 Commission Report came out? TEN!

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Is ISIS Really 'Not Islamic'?


Obama says ISIS is not Islamic. However, despite the ludicrous claim by that clown that currently occupies 'our' White House, common sense and reality says otherwise. And as Jonah Goldberg so aptly pointed out several days ago, anyone who thinks jihadism is authentically Muslim, isn't going to change his mind just because Obama says so. This, the facts of the matter, and common sense clearly spell out that Obama's claim is outright laughable..

[...] The terrorist army that calls itself the Islamic State is certainly trying to build a state -- and not just a state but a super state, or caliphate. They're not there yet; their delivery of social services seems spotty at best, though they do collect taxes and uphold the law (in a fashion).

More relevant, it doesnt really matter if it's a state. Morally, this weed stinks just as much whether you call it a state or a soccer league that rapes, tortures, and murders people on the side. And legally, statehood would matter -- and not very much -- only if the U.N. and other bodies agreed to recognize the fledgling caliphate's legitimacy. That's not going to happen even if the Islamic State opens up post offices and DMVs on every corner.

The president's first assertion is trickier. Is the Islamic State "not Islamic"? Moreover, is it really "clear" that it's not Islamic?
Not even a little? Is it Islamic-ish?

If we're talking clarity, I'd say the Islamic State is clearly not Mormon. Or Lutheran. Or Buddhist. It most certainly is not the most extreme example of Quakers gone bad ever recorded.

As for its not being Islamic, that's at best unclear, if not just clearly wrong. And the fact that the majority of its victims are Muslim is irrelevant. Lenin and Stalin killed thousands of Communists and socialists; that doesn't mean Lenin and Stalin weren't Communists and socialists. If such terrorists who kill Muslims aren't Muslims, why do we give them Korans when we imprison them? ...

Read the whole thing here ...

For the benefit of the utterly clueless (which, of course, includes Obama and Kerry and the millions of low information voters that voted for Obama and other Democrats) ... Andrew Klavan addresses the question ... Is ISIS Islamic?

Take home question: When, if ever, will the Obama administration admit (recognize, accept, etc.) the FACT that we are at war with Muslim terrorism/Radical Islamists/Jihadism/Islamism/etc., etc.?

Bottom line, it's time for the U.S. to recognize the inherit violence within Islam!

Read more:

Suggested reads:
The Myth of the 'Tiny Radical Muslim Minority'
The Danger Within: Militant Islam in America

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ObamaCare architect Ezekiel Emanuel says we should die at age 75


Democrats do indeed seem to have an obsession with death ... at least with that of others. Whether they'e blabbering about abortion or 'end of life' planning, they just can't seem to get enough of talking up the myriad ways people can exit life.. They always claim this is simply a discussion about personal responsibility and individual choice but, since they despise those ideals in virtually every other matter, it's a hard argument to buy.

Obamacare archetect Ezekial Emanuel's latest proclamation of when we should die ... certainly doesn't enhance their claim.

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